We do not create games
We play them

atlantis games
What we do

We are on a quest, to change gaming related markets. From marketplaces, to game streaming services with thousands of users worldwide. We are ambitious, and our desire for new and better products is growing.

1 000 000+

Happy gamers





How we work
Define and design

We implement ideas based on importance and scalability

Develop product

We develop our ideas with the best stack available for the idea


We test our product to find miracles in it

monkey spin gifBug Fix

A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor


We launch our updates and new features with confidence

Repeat the process

Theres is always a way to improve

Who we are

We build global products and services, because we have more fun and satisfaction completing missions on hard difficulty level.

Learning a new library or coding language is no issue

matrica gif

We care about work and life balance

cat jam gif

We love dark humor and cheap jokes


Sometimes we have a hard time to decide, should we go to a bar, or have a LAN Party at the office. We choose to drink at a LAN Party

elon smoking

We believe gaming market will continue to grow and expand. We are constantly looking for new party members to join our team and build innovative gaming products together.

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